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August 2012
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colonelrowe [userpic]
I say potato, you say fairie


"Anthropomorphic climate change" describes a complex set of features and tendencies in the Earth's semi-closed atmosphere. Scientists seek to better understand these phenomena using observations enabled by sophisticated technology within a context provided by cutting-edge data analyses.

The scientific method is not a political agenda, and it does not threaten your "way of life" (in fact, it enabled your way of life).

"Global warming," on the other hand, is a sophist's piñata, a phrase deployed to limit understanding and discourage enquiry. It's a bugbear, a tool used by plutocrats to bait closed minds.


I thought the Internet was for pictures of animals. This makes me think. Don't want to think!

Admit it, you're only saying that right now because you can't open your front door for the 16 feet of snow on your porch.

Oh, is this about Utah? Ugh, Utah.

You mean "anthropogenic" instead of "anthropomorphic."

Nope, I mean the clearly decision making and HOSTILE (specifically to ME) changes in the climate that evidence will. EVIL WILL!