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August 2012
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colonelrowe [userpic]
The skillet's hanging right there!

Just took one of my periodic fast skim research trips across the internet regarding problems and issues with backyard poultry. The biggest seems to be that (unavoidably) imprecise sexing leads to people having unwanted roosters amongst the hens, and then what "to do" with hens when they've reached the end of their productive laying lives. Nobody's considered, y'know, eating them?


Haha. Silly citified people!

I don't mean to overstate, or even mock (much). I like cities, and I like agricultural surplus. Without them there would be no bicycles, no Legion of Super-heroes, no DVR. But you got to figure that information about roosters in urban environments and how long hens lay is probably right there on the side of the box, metaphorically speaking. (Another reason the rooster thing surprises me is that my experience of roosters is that it's not exactly a heartbreaking decision to wring their necks, but maybe I've just known bad roosters).

I get it! People are really strangely disconnected from where food comes from and how to deal with it. We buy groceries with a cooperative, so that we can get veggies and meat and such at wholesale prices. The coop has trouble recruiting and retaining members, though, because people are used to eating processed convenience foods. Not only do they lack the imagination to eat a chicken, but they feel helpless when confronted by a broccoli that is not prewashed, cut up and packaged in plastic.

...sigh. Why do people do don't have chicken recipes get to have backyard chickens and I don't? :(

Please raise chickens and eat them. Don't tell Gwenda I told you this.